Window Treatments

Clients always want to know what their window coverings are going to look like. The answer is – “great!”

First we need to access the issues that require attention. Are we trying to disguise an old metal window?

Do we need to filter the view? Do we need privacy? Blackout capability?

Is excessive heat an issue? How much glare do we have?

San Francisco, CA - Michael Merrill Design StudioAs a general rule, we like to use two layers of window covering. While this adds to the complexity of the installation and of course to the cost, it allows the view to be filtered and allows the occupant the option to close off the window entirely when so desired.

Casement fabrics, so often championed by Jack Lenor Larsen, make wonderful unstructured draperies and roman shades. Conrad Imports also manufacture lovely woven grass shades. These are both available in a variety of colors but work best in a light to medium colored neutral tone. For the draperies, we often use floor to ceiling lined and inner lined draperies with very simple architectural hardware. Ripple fold rods are wonderful in clean environments. Visually they virtually disappear but function well and are priced reasonably.

San Francisco, CA - Michael Merrill Design Studio

We think of the first layer – that is the filtering layer – as somewhat akin to a veil on a bride. No matter how beautiful she is, she is all the more alluring behind that veil.  The second layer – the lined drapery layer – adds of level of drama to the window and functions very much like a wonderful coat on a winter’s day.


4 Replies to “Window Treatments”

  1. I Love that window treatments should be thought of as a layering technique it simplifies the proccess…the veil analogy is brilliant!

  2. Window treatments can be challenging, and all issues are addressed here, Michael Merrill Studios cover all issues concerning windows, and he has a very critical eye, and that’s why I leave it in the hands of professionals! I think windows are the eyes of a space and how you dress them up ties the whole space together.

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