Role of Photography

Designers should photograph their work as often and as thoroughly as possible. We photograph projects every year using a professional interiors photographer. We also constantly photograph projects on our own as they develop. Before and after shots are wonderful sales tools and a reminder of how much your work has transformed the environment. Remember to photograph the before of the space from the same angle you will eventually want to shoot the after image.

The single most compelling reason to work tirelessly on photographing your projects is that nothing will improve the quality of your work as much as careful, painstaking analysis of what worked and what didn’t. Photography is an outstanding way to analyze this.

Styles change in fashion, in cars and yes, in photography. You never can know in advance how you might want to use these images in the future. For those reasons, we shoot our rooms in several ways. For example, we will shoot a dining room with the table set and with the table unadorned. We also photograph the room with and without food.

In the end, the most important thing is the amount of care and time we spend, along with the photographer, in creating engaging images.


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