Why Hire ANOTHER Professional?

Guest Contributor: Jill Seime – Hardware Detailed

Creating a design for a living space takes on many potential learning experiences for a designer. Professionals learn many things with each and every project. Technology evolves daily; new features are introduced for appliances and heating and air equipment, energy requirements change, building codes shift from community to community, new building materials and finishes appear in the marketplace.  It is a never ending challenge to stay knowledgeable and able to implement the new technology and code requirements.   All of this is in addition to managing the client’s budget, managing vendor orders and lead times, planning deliveries and installations, finding time to do research and renderings and product selections!!

Factoring in the mind boggling details addressed above, it is not uncommon and more economical in the long run to collaborate with another professional .   Specialists, as we like to be called, are able to focus in depth  and stay current on one technical set of skills;  knowing the choices available, being able to suggest the best items for a given set of design requirements and  budget,  having sources for products.  A specialist saves time which translates into money!

Equally important, the specialist works in conjunction with the designer and the construction team to ensure everyone understands “the game plan required” so glitches are minimal, if any!!  Now that is HUGE as nothing costs more that errors that need to be corrected.  And, everyone on the team learns a bit more which empowers them as their knowledge grows.  It is such a win/win/win!!  So when a designer recommends collaborating with another professional on a project, understand that many factors were considered before suggesting the additional expertise would be helpful to the project.

Jill Seime | Door Hardware Specialist (28 years of experience)
Hardware Detailed

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