It Takes Three

Counter & Bar Stools 039Designer, client, builder.If one of us decides to take on too much of the role of another, then we can’t really be present to perform our function, and the three legged stool will tilt.

I-7 1 Elevations v2012 (3)When my client says “no” I need to listen and shift course, otherwise,  I am trying to be the client as well as the designer. When the client tries to work out a series of details, they are stepping out of their role.

08-08-07 002

When I tell the builder how to build, I have taken my eye off of the design, and when he or she tells me how to design, they have taken their eye off of how to get things done well for the best possible price.

You see, if we work together well, all we have to do is our own job, not one another’s job.


2 Replies to “It Takes Three”

  1. Absolutely if the Builder is capable, competent & can follow plans & design intent.
    As for the client, well if they knew what all they wanted then would there be a need for us?
    I sometimes wish it was all this easy for me.
    I am envious!

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