‘I was getting more than I was giving’ – Article by The ReMarker

campus 2

“In giving to the people in your community, you will always get back, in my experience, as fast as I give.”

All of us have resources and strengths that we take for granted or even forget. Over the last few years I have been increasingly aware of the resources I have from the boys school I attended for ten years in Dallas. I have received numerous projects and been given many opportunities to help others in their careers. Recently the award winning  student newspaper The ReMarker  wrote a rather long article about this very matter. The following excerpt is especially interesting:

Michael Merrill Selfie

“A ‘no’ does not mean a ‘no’ forever or ‘no’ in ever way. It means ‘no’, not right now, not in that way, but maybe there is a way you could modify this to where it becomes a ‘yes’ or where it’s effective.”



To view the entire article please click on the link below




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