White Hot + Blue

Photography by Paul Aizaga

It is one thing to be fully aware of the enduring genius of Jack Lenor Larsen – the single most important textile designer of all time, and quite another to be fortunate enough to be included in one of LongHouse Reserve’s mid-summer events.


I recently returned from a party that was like none other  I have been to, heard about,or seen. Winged creatures, synchronized swimmers, an outdoor sculpture collection that is phenomenal.


It was not the glamour of the evening, it was not the casual luxury of the moment, it was the awe-inspiring coming together of so much creativity and those who recognize it, participate in it and support it financially. No one that attended will ever be quite the same .


Photography by Paul Aizaga

Thank you again Jack.Your event was an inspiration.

Michael Merrill ASID, CID, NKBA

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