Selecting Exterior House Colors

Over the years we’ve had the opportunity of helping many clients choose an exterior color scheme. As we’ve refined our approach, we’ve tallied a list of key considerations:


Caldwell Residence Winter 1998

-Identify which part of the house is most often used. For example, if the house has a small frontage, and most of the residents’ time is spent out back, then this area should carry more weight.
-Consider the surrounding environment. Color often is reflected from many nearby sources. The goal is to choose a color that is both harmonious and striking.


-Remember, color is always fluid and is determined by the time of day, the weather and the season of the year.
-Do not assume that all trim must be painted one color throughout the entire house. There may be features that need to be emphasized, for example, a brightly-colored door.
IMG_0111-Choose appropriately for the material a home is constructed from. For example, stucco shouldn’t be blue, but clapboard siding may be.
-Create a color map, or an overall plan. Importantly, this will help showcase which details to paint out and which to highlight. Keep in mind that your eye is drawn to areas of high contrast.

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