All About Hinges

Life is full of stress. Sometimes when you really want to swing, you discover movement is more of a squeak or a creak.  At times, remaining level is the goal, but the sense of drooping from the top down takes over.  The floor is often closer than it should be as you drag through the day. Hmmm, how can I make this madness end for good?

Now for the good news – analyzing and gathering vital information: pre-planning, understanding your frame and weight and height as well as intended purpose in life will, at a minimum, delay the above stresses.  If the vital information is well coordinated factoring in the intended purpose, nothing less than a lifetime of carefree movement promises the much sought after longevity always so critically hoped for.

What has been described above is ALL ABOUT HINGES – door hinges!  Boy, can I hear the many sighs of relief!  Call a hardware specialist or consult with your designer (who WILL consult with a hardware specialist.) Remember to not simply assume the correct hinge will be specified automatically. Also know that by calling in a hardware specialist, the “door may be opened” to other possibilities improving usefulness or a better looking design.  Don’t take a hinge for granted!

How could this be… this improving upon design?  A sleek and contemporary design will be enhanced using hidden hinges or pivots.  Too often hinges are not things of beauty, so why not make them disappear?  Period homes are enhanced by adding tips and barrel covers to the hinge. The statement is made! The home truly represents Georgian or
Haussman or a Louis XIV.  A continuous hinges, running from top to bottom of door, will carry the weight of a really large, heavy door. Spring hinges slowly close a door automatically. Some hinges are wired to carry electricity to the handle mechanism. Harmon hinges allow a door to open and rest within a niche on the wall so the opened door lays flush “in” the wall.  Ball bearing vs. plain bearing will carry more weight for smooth operation and on doors with a spring hinge will lessen stress.  And so it goes……………..on and on and on: a paumelle, a parliament, an olive knuckle, a strap, a wide throw, AND ON.

Happy Hanging!       YOUR HARDWARE GURU,

Jill Seime | Door Hardware Specialist (28 years of experience)
Hardware Detailed

One Reply to “All About Hinges”

  1. Very cleverly written and enjoyable to read. When I first started reading your words about “Swinging”, I said to myself, well I won’t tell you what “myself” was thinking. But coming from you it was very cleaver and, entertaining and informative. Exactly like my talented brother!!!!

    Your brother Fred

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