Thank You Notes

IMG_0251My mother insisted that each of her children sit down to write thank you notes. If not, she warned us that our gifts would be taken away. We had 24 hours, and this was before we were in first grade! How can we make it easier to write these notes? Always have many note cards on hand – big ones, small ones, elegant ones, quirky ones…. one to match each mood and need.

IMG_0255 In addition, have many sizes and choices of commemorative stamps on hand and several types of pens that you enjoy writing with – including ones with blue ink, red ink, black ink and maybe even metallic ink. Then there is no excuse. After slowing down and taking time out of your busy schedule to acknowledge the act of giving, you also get the unexpected pleasure of re-living the experience you are thanking the person for.

Mothers really do know best!


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